Elisa Santucci started her journey at BNI in 2016 at the launch of BNI Rio de Janeiro. He was a founding member and Vice President in the first leadership team of the BNI ATITUDE group. As a lawyer specialized in Intellectual Property. ⠀
In 2017, she was invited to join the BNI Board of Directors and launched the BNI50, which is currently considered a VITRINE Group in RJ. Throughout his career at BNI, he participated in 2 International Conferences, having been a speaker at the 2019 conference, held in Poland. ⠀


I made sure that our website contained a page dedicated to BNI, because this organization is fundamental in the life of any entrepreneur.

I met BNI in 2016 through a fellow tax lawyer who invited me to a weekly meeting of a BNI group. If your area of expertise is not already taken in the group, you will be interviewed by a committee and, if admitted, you will find a significant number of entrepreneurs ready to introduce you to whomever you want to meet, that is, to other entrepreneurs in your networks contact details that may become your customers. For the “game” to begin, all you have to do is get ready to get to know the business of the group’s entrepreneurs by connecting them to whom they would like to meet.

In a nutshell, BNI, which means Business Network International, is an international organization of business references.

BNI was founded in the United States, by Ivan Misner in 1985. It ended 2019 with 9,500 business networking groups and 270,000 members worldwide. Thousands of qualified business referrals were passed which resulted in more than $ 16.7 billion in closed deals for its members! It is based on the principle “Earning Contributing” (“Givers Gain”), that is, by the mutual recommendation of business references between the participants.

I have already volunteered to take on some positions at BNI. Since 2018, I have been a Consultant Director of BNI 50, the group I launched in Ipanema. From 2021 to 2022, I will also occupy a seat at the DC Champions, which is the Global Committee of Advisory Directors of BNI, a Committee that serves as a guideline for the more than 6,000 DC that BNI has in the world.

Elisa Santucci